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I Dream Of Turkey AYDIN CD-Postcard


The CD media released last year was a great effort for the promotion of AYDIN province by Aydin Directorship Of Culture and Tourism of Turkish Republic and the Governorship of Aydin. In the media prepared by professionals, Aydin is being introduced with its natural and historical beauties as well as its culture and tradition.

Aydin CD post card is something you can give to your friends as a nice present which is telling a lot about Aydin Province and environs like Didim, Altinkum, Kusadasi, Aphrodisias ( city of Aphrodite - The Goddess of love -, sculpture centre ) Nyssa, Tralleis, Didyma, Miletos, Priene are taking place under historical sites headline. Media prepared by professionals in six different languages -Turkish, English, Russian, German, Dutch, French- including a screensaver for your computer, high quality wall papers, printer friendly version of postcards - including 96 different postcards referring ancient sites, sea side resorts, neighbouring resorts like Denizli - Pamukkale -known as "cotton castle"-, Bodrum, Izmir, Seljuk Castle, Ephesus- can be bought at DOSIM Shops of Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Turkish Republic, At the entrance gates of museum and ancient cities.
On the cover of CD postcard you see monumental city gate Tetra Pylon of Aphrodisias (tetra means four, Pylon means gate, ) on the facade of this beautiful monumental gate Eros, Nike and city protector goddesses can be seen as motives. Aphrodisias dates back to 3000 BC, used to be an art and healing centre of ancient times with its sculpture (statuary) school and school of medicine.

Especially museum of Aphrodisias where sculptures are displayed in separately designed halls and the Great Stadium with its 30.000 spectator capacity, is a must to visit, not to be missed!... There are also folkloric motives inside the CD media such as Traditional songs and melodies of Zeybek (or "EFE" pronounced as "Ephe" Nomadic Heroes of Aydin lived on the Plateau of Aydin mountains in the past )
Aydin CD post card is a chance to send 96 postcards and music at once via post office to your friends. You and your friends can also be informed about Aydin Province while they are watching the high resolution digital postcards and texts giving a lot more information about national parks, history and culture.
This informative CD is obviously telling that we have more than sea, sun, sand and you will be very informed about history, culture, art, philosopy.
We have really surprised to find two pictures of Cafe Olive art gallery of Akköy also known as info center of DidimGuide.Com. photos were taken while we were closed in that night... 


CD is obviously telling that we have more than sea, sun, sand